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    Ultrasonic sensors are widely used for many fields. More and more customers question us a variety of application problems. OSENON global services staff will be happy to answer all of our customers and solve those practical problems, and provide the appropriate products or solution or the modules. We often think about a proposition: Ultrasonic sensor is everything conceivable also technically feasible? OSENON prefers to test this proposition by way of practical examples. What that means is together with you, in a constant exchange and directly on site. The development of solutions to customers' specifications for special applications, requirements or installations is quite often a technical necessity-and at the same time the expression of what we at OSENON understand as "focusing on the customer".

    The starting point for an individual development can be an inquiry about a different, tailor-made housing for a sensor, or a modified output signal, or evaluation logic that must be altered because in its present form it does not fit with your specific conditions or design. And there is also the case where you wish to know whether it is even possible to solve your task with an ultrasonic sensor at all. We are happy to answer this question too. To realise your ideas and conceptions, we follow a systematic path. Firstly, we analyse your particular task or problem and the technical options, and then show you specific solutions. In this way we can clear up right at the outset which sensor or which system is the most cost-effective-and hence profitable-for your application. From the prototype to large-scale production, you are always involved and kept well informed.

    As long as you need to use the ultrasonic sensor, whether existing products, special customization, or specify the development, we will try our best to achieve what you want. To resolve your issue is the glorious mission of OSENON team.

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